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This business sparked from a need to have more representation of different types of people and artistic expressions; striving to create and enable this content to become more easily available for us to experience. There is an obvious lack of diversity in the music industry, seen in the similar content that we are given to digest; Rococo World doesn’t feel inspired by that and we are sure others aren’t too. Rococo World’s affinity towards LGBT+ inclusive alternative artists highlights the unique community that we are building.


Why should tolerance be enough for us? Why then should acceptance be enough? We do not want to be given a label and just put on the side as another option. LGBT+ people and other alternative artists deserve to be normalised and celebrated.


As a corporate social responsibility, we aim to design a business that enables a community thriving from collaboration; a collection of people and content that represents a celebration differences, brought together through unity.  Click subscribe on our YouTube Channel to follow our journey and give us a follow on Instragram to be informed of updates 🌐

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Alternative and LGBT+ voices need support and normalisation still; forget tolerance, we aim to take the acceptance of diversities all the way to a place of celebration in popular culture. Inclusivity is paramount for our journey, in establishing a vision for all. This is reflected in our creation: by designing aesthetics focused on effective simplicity, we create meaningful art pieces that align with our clients; ensuring a longevity in its artistic worth.


Concentrating on exposing emerging artists gives us a platform built on new ideas and perspectives. With a collection of content that is representative of the times we are in, we feel this is a necessity to ensure relevancy. The foundation of our creation comes with the understanding that we have the potential to convey new insights which can help mirror our own cultural identities. Through tapping into our alternative and experimental approach, we hope to push this culture into a commercial market.


We greatly push the possibilities for our clients to have a cultural impact due to the collaborative infrastructure which we have. The content we make is viewed by us as a bespoke marketing strategy, serving as an advertisement for the client. With the ideal vision presented to us at the start of a commission, we turn this into a realistic product. Our business model allows an artist to be taken on a pathway from having just a song, through all our digital content options, up to live performance events curated by us; an expansive experience.


who we are

Rococo World is a digital content production company,

established in January 2019 as a partnership between 
James Lee and Kieran Akhtar.


Beginning with music videos

and other visual content for musicians,

we have expanded into fashion photography

and live performance events curation.

This all-round collaborative process we now have

creates marketing possibilities beyond just videography.
Rococo World is verging on changing the way

popular music is experienced.

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I am a self-shooting film

director, passionate about

fine art and experimental

films. I have ten years of

videography experience after

achieving a Filmmaking degree

from Kingston's University.

I am dedicated to

blending commercial fulfilment

with experimental aesthetic

to realise the creation

of refreshing pieces of

content; focused on

leading the development

of the Rococo World

online platform.

I am a self-shooting film

director, focused on

championing diverse cinema

and LGBT+ representation. 


My personal goal is to

promote creatives through

our collaborations;

designing Rococo World

as a platform to expose new

and different artists. I am passionate about showcasing

talent in films, screenings and

live events; through leading

the marketing strategies and

developing a series of nights

with Sophia's Bar & Lounge

as Rococo World Stage.

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East London, United Kingdom
rococo.world.mov@gmail.com  |  +447401961691