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VIVIAN: "secrets of your mind" / "demons come alive" / "feed them in the night time"

we've given DI-VINCENT & ZEI's song a music video built on "Play It Again, Sam"'s introspective rambles
many of the 14 artists are sourced from 2020's [LGBTQ+] pride in london FIFTY-TWO exhibition 

these accomplished aritsts use PENICILS, PASTELS, PHOTOS and PAINT to draw, capture, express and create

to experience more, below are the extra scenes: COMPLETE COLLECTION 

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(in order of appearance)

Matthew Wong is a British-Chinese photographer based in London - @mattwongg

"Art and I have been through a lot, and I’m glad." A London-based manga artist - @art_that.i.like

Natasha M. is a Zimbabwean-born hyper-realist artist whose intricately detailed pencil drawings explore beauty and body positivity whilst simultaneously shaking off the white gaze - @npariss

Adam Baker is an LGBTQ+ London-based figurative painter, exploring queer themes through oil painting - @adambakerart

Chierol Lai is an LGBTQ+ Dutch-born Chinese artist and Facade Engineer based in London - @chierol.lai

Kieran Akhtar is an LGBTQ+ London-based British-Indian/Pakistani oil pastel painter, photographer and filmmaker - @rococo.kieran

Harpreet Uppal is a London-based British-Asian multimedia artist who uses painting and photography as a way to explore Spirituality - @harps11


Philip Reinking is a London-based filmmaker, director and editor - @philipreinking


Simon Bell is an LGBTQ+ London-based painter who lived through the '80s aids storm. He recreates paredolia, an unconscious tendency to imagine faces in shadows, in his paintings - @simonbellartist


Jacob Hinds is a London-based artist with experience in illustration. He specialises in highly detailed black-and-white illustrations and dynamic digitally coloured pieces - @yaqobhyndes


Ross Head is an LGBTQ+ visual artist, living and working in London, UK. His work playfully depicts visions of desire and explores representations of sexuality within contemporary society - @rossmhead

Taylor Bystrom an LGBTQ+ American-born, London-based transgender pop artist telling the story of the created man - @highfashionhockey

James Lee is a London-based British-Chinese/Italian video artist, graphic designer and filmmaker - @rococo.james


Thomas Linton is a London-based freelance filmmaker who writes, directs and edits films and music videos - @thomasjameslinton